William Charles Construction | Ragnar Benson

William Charles stamp of quality can be found on many projects. Whether it’s a parking lot, a small driveway, an interstate highway, an apartment complex, a high profile commercial building, a university, hospital, fish ladder, railroad or intermodal site, William Charles Construction, Ragnar Benson step up to the plate to facilitate growth.

No matter how challenging a project, we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, talent, experience, and innovation to the table, including our own ancillary electricity, environmental contracting, and aggregate divisions. Time and time again, we’ve proven that we have the right stuff to develop, manage, and construct civic infrastructure.

Because of our financial strength, legal expertise, and extensive equipment fleet, William Charles is positioned to pursue any project regardless of the size. We’re constantly in the industry’s forefront – from consulting and general contracting to design/build and highway, residential, railroad, intermodal, and commercial construction.

With over a century of quality work behind our name, William Charles is still guided by the pursuit of excellence and the “Do it right the first time” work ethic that has been at the cornerstone of our business philosophy since 1892. Our attention to the customer and to the highest safety standards are at the very heart of all we do.